Thursday 5 July 2012

Upcycled loopy style felt flower brooch - Tutorial

When I first saw a picture of this style of brooch I thought "wow!", but you'll be very pleased to know that they are very simple to make. Here's how...

First you'll need some upcycled felt. You know that woollen jumper you accidentally shrunk? Get that out and ready to upcycle! Or, if you have a tired looking 100% wool item, follow this link to how to felt a woollen garment.

So, now you've got that sorted, here we go...

You will need a rectangle piece of felt, approximately 30cm by 10cm.

Next, you need to fold the felt piece in half, lengthways...

Now, get some fabric scissors and make cuts along the folded edge, about 1cm apart...

Once you've cut along the entire length of the piece of rectangular felt, it should look like this:

So...fold it back to how it was and get your needle and thread ready to go! You are going to create a spiral by rolling up the rectangle, sewing as you go. Start at one end and fold over the end (it doesn't matter which end you start with- I start on the right and hold it in my left hand so I can sew with my right hand)...

Secure the end with a knot, then you're ready to go! Just roll and sew - remembering to sew through a few layers at a time to make sure each loop will be secure in the final brooch. Also, keep the un-loopy edge of the piece of felt straight... the spiral WILL naturally dip in the centre...LET IT! This will give the finished flower the more domed look.

Finished! Now make a knot to secure and turn over to reveal your creation! have a choice. You could leave as is and add a circle of felt to the back and attach a brooch pin. Or, you could add some leaves...

Here's how...

Start with two rectangles of felt (approx 5cm by 10cm ...but size of leaf is optional!)

Now, scissors to the ready and cut leaf shapes as so:

I like to sew mine together first before adding them to the flower - just seems a bit less fiddly. I like to add some stitching detail to the leaves (this can be done on a sewing maching or by hand)...

Right, now to sew the leaves onto the flower...

You want to make sure you sew through the leaves and the flower, all the way around the circular base of the flower...

Finally, tie a knot to secure and you're done! Now just sew a brooch pin to the back and give to a friend as a very special handmade gift...or just keep for yourself! ;-)

Get creative and have fun upcycling! :-)

Lots more photos for inspiration on my Facebook page, also flower brooches available to buy.

Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Wow, i've just visited your blog for the first time Great broach! Will you be blogging again soon? I hope so.

    1. Hi Annmarie! Thanks so much, you are very kind. I really want to write more posts but finding it hard to find time at the moment. So lovely to hear from you xxx

  2. How lovely. I am a sucker for a brooch.

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  4. Gracias Naomi, bellisimo tu trabajo, y fantastica la explicacion.