Wednesday 23 November 2011

Why I 'Upcycle' and what is it?

The definition of 'Upcycling' is:

"The practice of taking something
that is disposable and
transforming it into something
of greater use and value".

So, basically, any item that someone doesn't want anymore and/or would throw away, maybe because it is old, out of shape, holey, or simply something that would be usually be thown in the recycling bin. get the idea! These things are then taken and made into new, useful items.


I have started on this upcycling journey for the very simple reason that it fascinates me! I find it amazing, satisfying, challenging and rewarding to create new from used and tired. Also, selling the items I have upcycled means that I can help with the family income, whilst fitting in Mummy duties AND doing something I love to do...designing and making!

I hope that you will find lots of inspiration on this blog and that you too will be encouraged to upcycle some items of your own.

Happy Upcycling!

From Naomi.


  1. I love upcycling too! You're right. It IS amazing and rewarding to make something beautiful out of something that was headed for the trash!
    I started upcycling in my home daycare to cut down on the cost of crafting materials. For the past few years, we've been crafting for almost no cost here!
    One of my favourite finds are those Wallpaper Sample Books that you borrow from the paint stores! THey're more than happy to give them away once they've become "outdated" in their stores. Otherwise, they just throw them in the trash. I have 5 now, and we used them for a TON of crafts, anytime we need a medium weight patterned or textured paper. They're an awesome alternative to scrapbooking paper which gets expensive when you're a frequent crafter!
    Just wanted to share that little tip with you.
    Loving your blog, Naomi!! And so happy you're following my page now as well! :)

    1. I have only just seen your lovely comment sorry! Thank you so much for your encouragement and great tip!

      Naomi :)