Friday, 27 January 2012

Upcycled felt rose tutorial.

This tutorial started out life as the 'crayon roll' variety but had to change to a 'felt rose' type instead. The reason? My sewing machine was poorly and now has stopped working :( . So, while sitting with my feet up this morning (I've hurt my knee), I thought you might like to let me show you how to make these:

I had seen photos of them before but never attempted to make any until recently. They really are VERY easy, can be made from small pieces of material and brighten up a coat, hat, bag, dress, cushion etc etc...

I can't remember where I first saw how to make them but quite liked the idea of doing my own tute here. Here goes!

First you will need a square of felt. I don't think I will give measurements - if you want a larger rose you need to use a larger piece of felt :)

I have used a piece of scarf - follow this link to learn how to felt a garment.

Next, cut the corners off your square to make a circle...

I told you it was simple! Next start cutting the circle into a spiral, starting from the outside edge...

You'll be left with something like this...

Right...your instincts will be telling you to start with the inside (mine do!), but you need to pick up the outside end of the spiral now...

Now, start wrapping the spiral of felt around the end you are holding. This always makes me smile because I think the little end sticking out looks like a cute little tortoise/turtle tail...anyway! Back to the job in hand...

Keep wrapping until you reach the end/middle of the spiral...

You will then find that the middle of the spiral you started with fits perfectly over the base of your rose and finishes it off nicely!

Turn over...

Trim if needed...


You can glue your rose - I've seen that suggested before- but, personally, I prefer to sew mine. Make sure you sew through the 'turtle's tail' so it won't unravel!...

Now, if you want, you can add a leaf and brooch pin, or just sew directly onto something like a cushion. Maybe you could make a brooch for a friend's birthday, to give to someone special for Valentines day or ready for Mothers day...or for yourself!

I have some upcycled brooches for sale in my Etsy shop. I'd love for you to pop over, take a look and maybe buy :) Or, pop over to my Facebook page and look at my upcycled brooch photos for inspiration :)

Have fun upcycling!


  1. They are lovely! so much neater than mine ever come out!

  2. Lovely result. I am 'pinning you- if you do not like it, please let me know and I will take it off again!

  3. Thank you Mammafairy, I feel honoured! :-)

  4. Wonderful and clear tutorial thankyou I am sure I will give this a go soon x

  5. I have an assortment of little leftover felt bits from making hats and handbags that I can't bear to throw out... now I can use them all up!

  6. Thank you Clare :) You are very welcome. Looking forward to seeing your designs.

    FeltByRae - I am glad to be of service. I too cannot bear to throw things out. I now need to find something to do with the small bits of felt cut off to make the circles...any ideas?

  7. really easy to follow i havnt sown for 15 yers and managed to make one -very good!! xx

  8. So generous of you to share this tutorial. It is well done and thank you for your kindness.

    1. You are very welcome. I hope you have fun making some :)