Monday, 5 December 2011

Bottle tops Advent Calendar.

We finally got down to making our version of the advent calendar I found by Belle at 'Belle and Burger', using bottle tops! Where we live, we can't recycle our bottle tops so I was very pleased to find an exciting use for them.

This is what we did:

We collected our 24 washed and dryed bottle tops and yogurt pots (because we didn't have enough bottle tops - they still worked well).

My youngest son, 6 and a half (who LOVES craft of any kind), arranged them onto our piece of strong cardboard from an old box. Later he decided to have them in a star shape "it's like the star that the wise men saw Mummy!"

I had planned on printing out some verses from the Bible (to follow the Christmas narrative) to have one verse each day under each bottle top/pot...but I wasn't as organised as I had wanted to be and came across some old pages from a Bible verses calendar. Perfect! We can recycle them as well as focus on a verse each day with the boys. We hope to read the verse together each day and talk about it with Christmas/the Christmas narrative in mind. We just snipped off the date and folded each one, ready to fit inside the bottle top/pot. This proved to be very exciting for my little craft helper!

So then we glued them all down, using a hot glue gun. If you make one, just do dabs of glue - enough to hold the pot/bottle top in place, but not so much that it is hard to pull off on the required day! Ours was running out so we were fine with that. My youngest had a go too (eek - cue a slightly anxious Mummy)!

We decided to use a dark blue, like the night sky (keeping in with the star theme). Here is the spray paint we used:

Which needed to be shaken for 1 minute before use...

Hee hee hee!

So, then we sprayed...

...added silver... the calendar...

...plants... shoes...

...and ended up with this:

Our shiny star advent calendar made from recycled materials! All ready to put numbers on and pull a bottle top/pot off each day to share a Bible verse as a family in the run up to Christmas day. Although we will be having to pull off more than one today because of making it late...oops!

Thank you Belle @ Belle and Burger for the inspiration!


  1. That's much prettier than anything I've seen in the stores!

  2. Love his face! His expressions are much like yours Naomi!
    Lovely idea too! :)

  3. Hee hee, it was funny! I don't think he realised how difficult it would be to shake for 1 minute!

    I'm glad you like the idea. Now we have started using it, I have realised that we could've drawn the numbers under the pots too so we can see them after the pots have been pulled off...will do that next time. Also, the pots we have pulled off look lovely - am thinking of a way to use them. Maybe some little plants in for presents? You have any ideas?