Friday, 11 November 2011

Firework Costume ready to ZOOOM!

Well, the day for the costume wearing is here! I came down this morning to find all three boys sitting on the sofa, ready in their spotty costumes, excited to start the day.

Here, as promised, are photos!

My little firework with his teddy ready for the parade (he was a little shy and didn't want to do a 'zoom')!

You can see the 'fire' strands at the back here (though doesn't show it too well). They looked great streaming out behind him as he rode his scooter to school! They had frayed quite a bit but I think that can only add to the 'fireness' of them, don't you think?!

This was the biggest 'zoom' I got out of him this morning but I am very sure there will be lots of zooms, whizzes, bangs etc going on in the playground today! Proof of this will be his costume looking a bit worse for wear later, I am sure :-)

This is what the other boys looked like:

Spotty pjs and a spotty hat was the request here and he did so well making his own hat that I made a teeny tiny hat for his teddy as a surprise (all recycled card from food packaging).

Here is the spotty alien...

The hat is made in the same way as the firework hat but with a couple of pipe cleaners pushed into the top and the addition of googly eyes! He was very good at raiding the house to find things to use...I wonder who he has learned that from?! He found the alien hat in their toys and decided to put that under the green hat. The green cowl is actually an off cut from the trousers of the spotty dinosaur I made last year...yes, I am a hoarder of crafts!

I love that he had so many of the ideas himself, including two tails which I made with a scrap of green fleece blanket I had kept from a previous project. I just tied it onto his dressing gown belt and knotted them along their length to give a bit more texture.

So, off we trundled to school, ready to raise lots of money for Children in Need. Three great things about this project:

1 - The boys had fun designing, problem solving, searching, making...
2 - The school will raise lots of money for Children in Need today (each child pays some money for wearing a costume plus other activities)
3 - Our costumes were recycled, upcycled, refashioned so...Money spent on our 3 costumes? £0, so we can spend more on raising money!

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